Found Art Photography

Found art iconography is, usually, entirely lacking in intentionality. Unlike most art, it is not the work of a thoughtful, individual mind, but of multiple "authors" who are not engaged in conscious collaboration and do not intend to create a work of art. Evanescence is important, too, because found art inevitably ceases to exist, erased by authorities or covered by additional artistic (or non-artistic) interventions.

William Graebner is a photographer and writer. He lives and works in Rome, Los Angeles, London and Buffalo, New York.

Prices:  $60 for a 15" X 15" glossy, archival inkjet print, with c. 1" white borders, on 17" X 17" paper--perfect for slipping into a $30 online 17" X 17" frame.  Or on 13" X 19" paper for  $50.  Some also available on 17" X 22" paper ($70).  Content of photos will differ slightly by size.  Signed and dated, in editions of 15. Prices include shipping in the U.S.  Contact me at

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